Hello, welcome to Project:Art!

Our Goal is to provide art (or Chararts) for the warriors Cats pages. The Archives: Approved, Declined, and Discussion. The approval page is here.

There are two different kinds of art on this wiki: professional and original. Professional is made with the blanks and put up for approval, original is made without a blank, and is completely made by the artist. Originals usually shows a scene from the books with the character in it, such as fighting a battle, hunting, or at a clan gathering


Leader: Spottedstar42

Deputy: open

Sr. Warriors: Open

Warriors: Lucky, Ivyheart

Apprentices: Deep Voice, Tabbystar

Elders: open


Only one Charart at a time for each memeber. This does not include original chararts, and you don't need to include original projects here.

Warrior: (W), Apprentice: (A), Kit: (K), Medicine Cat: (MC), Medicine Apprentice: (MA), Deputy: (D), Leader: (L), Loner: (LO), Rouge (R), Queen: (Q), Elder: (E), Prey-Hunter: (PH), Cave-Guard: (CG), Healer: (H), Sharpclaw: (SC)

Username Project Date Reserved
Spottedstar42 Scourge(R) 12/7
Lucky None N/A
Ivyheart None N/A
Deep Voice None N/A
Tabbystar None N/A

Pixel BlanksEdit

These blanks are for WCA wiki only. If there is another wiki using these blanks, please contact an admin and we will tell them that the blanks are only for this wiki. The blanks are made by Spottedstar42.

Pixel Blanks

Please do not edit this gallery

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